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The Poisonwood Bible, by Barbara Kingsolver

I just finished reading The Poisonwood Bible

Amazing book.  Superb book.  Unspeakably sad book I don't think I will ever be able to read again.  Had me sobbing helplessly for hours at more than one point, and one night in the middle of the book I ended up reversing childhood roles, going into my daughter's room, gathering her up in my arms, and taking her back to bed with me so I could sleep with my arms around her and feel safe.

And yet...while stretches of the book could not hold my interest (the entire novel is told in alternating first person accounts by a missionary's wife and her four daughters, dragged into the Congo in 1959...I only actually liked three of the daughters and only loved two, so while I listened well when my friends spoke I had trouble focusing on the other(s)...), there were these shining moments of acute truth and beauty throughout...Kingsolver understands a mother's heart, good and bad.

It's also a book that's gotten under my skin and into my gut, changing and affecting the way I look at the world I live in, and my own world's relationship (a fairly abusive one, at that) with the rest of the world, with the poor, with the earth...

A beautiful book.  Read at your own risk.

I'm having a happy blog day!

A big part of the reason I haven't been posting much here lately is that a few months ago I shifted over to another blogsite, greenmomintheburbs.wordpress.com, to do most of my green/crafty/food kind of blogging. (It's been going well over there, with a small but at least regular readership, and I've even had my first troll!) (whom I did not feed, so he went away.) So now this journal is more just about my life, and I don't have all that much to say, I guess, because I don't really have much of a life. :-)

But...just wanted to post a small squee that I was invited to be a monthly guest-poster on my favorite green blog, The Green Phone Booth.  They are very cool women, and among the group they cover a lot of topics--I have enjoyed reading them for months, and now I get to write there as well. So come and visit!

Peter and Paul, without Mommy...

Sad news.

Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary Dies at 72
Published: September 16, 2009

Mary Travers, whose ringing, earnest vocals with the folk trio Peter, Paul and Mary made songs like “Blowin’ in the Wind,” “If I Had a Hammer” and “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” enduring anthems of the 1960s protest movement, died on Wednesday at Danbury Hospital in Connecticut. She was 72 and lived in Redding, Conn.


Wiser words never spoken

From my friend Alan Hommerding's article in the autumn issue of AIM Magazine--

"There is an emerging scuffle...that some have referred to as re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.  But when the deck chairs are skittering around, it's likely a sign that something is seriously wrong with the ship, so let's not ignore them."

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It took me a few days to actually READ Obama's education speech...

But wow.

". Recently, 87 percent of Colorado teachers said that testing was crowding out subjects like music and art. But we need to look no further than MESA [Mapleton Expeditionary School of the Arts] to see that accountability does not need to come at the expense of a well-rounded education. It can help complete it — and it should. "...

"It begins with the understanding that from the moment our children step into a classroom, the single most important factor in determining their achievement is not the color of their skin or where they come from. It's not who their parents are or how much money they have.

"It's who their teacher is."...

..."And I will make this pledge as president to all who sign up: If you commit your life to teaching, America will commit to paying for your college education. "


Okay, I think I love this man.  Hell, even if only a tenth of the things he talked about in there actually happen,  he's at least saying the right stuff.  He gets it.

A G.I. Bill for teachers?? Huzzah, is all I can say.
(full text here http://www.denverpost.com/news/ci_9405199)